Monday, June 4, 2012

Ten things a writer must do to succeed online

Ever wish the rest of the world really understood what it takes to write a book, or just write something well? Good news…Google knows and understands! In fact… they do everything they can to weed out poor writing and let the cream rise to the top (of the search results).

The problem is, while writers have the advantage in print, the web is a completely different animal. Web content is not just about good writing. Book marketing used to be driven by publishers, now it’s driven by search, and until you’re a celebrity writer, you have to know what your readers are searching for.  This involves keyword research, the understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and basic web mechanics to be effective and rise above the noise. 

Web Developers and SEO experts have been using SEO for years… producing average content that usually rose above better content because they understood SEO.  

If you want to be successful on the web, you have to learn SEO also. Not just the mechanics, but what it means for your web presence. SEO is not something you set and forget. It is an ongoing process. It is used everywhere and in everything you do on the web. SEO is what makes content get found. Just think what it can do for you as a professional writer.

The ten things writers need to know are.

1.     Start with keyword research

2.     Build an SEO website using WordPress

3.     Create a blog queue

4.     Blog your butt off

5.     SEO everything

6.     Promote your content

7.     Engage with your fans

8.     Measure your results

9.     Revise and repeat

10. Never stop doing items 4-9

These are the what. We’ll cover how in depth at the conference. The bottom line is… you have to educate yourself and learn how the web and SEO works. The industry has changed and the time has come to evolve from writers into writers that can use the web and eventually…Blogging Rockstars. Join us and learn how!



John Ellis co-founded Portland Internet Design, a custom web development and SEO consulting company based in Portland, Oregon.  A small business SEO fanatic… John’s passion is educating business owners about the infinite power of the web, what SEO web development is, and why SEO blogging is essential. Learn more in his presentation, “The Web was Made for Writers”. 

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